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Oil Connect

Carlile Commodity Consulting

Oil Connect is hosted by Bruce Carlile of Carlile Commodity Consulting. Bruce is an expert in testing, inspection, and certification in the oil and gas industry. He brings his expertise in TIC to our oil and gas podcast audience in Oil Connect. Oil Connect is hosted on the EKT Interactive Oil and Gas Podcast Learning Network - EKT Interactive brings you the next generation in oil and gas training. As a supplement to our Oil 101 e-learning content, these oil and gas podcasts bring you commentary from our industry experts with decades of experience. We cover all relevant upstream, midstream, and downstream trends that are dominating the oil and gas industry. Join the oil and gas learning community today!

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Oil Connect
Mar 7, 2017 Bruce Carlile
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Carlile Commodity Consulting provides consulting for research company platforms, large or small scale investment concerns entering the $55 billion global third party testing, inspection/certification arena. In this podcast, Bruce Carlile discusses crude oil assays for the non-technical person. The following PDF contains slides referred to in this presentation: PDF Slides: Crude Oil Assay For the [...]